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Why should we use giveaways for an exhibition?

In addition to the classical and practical giveaways for exhibitions, such as USB flash drives or powerbanks with a logo, we can also offer giveaways that will definitely leave a great impression. You should choose a special kind of exhibition gift if you do not want your giveaways to be drowned by the choice of other products on the exhibition. Such a gift for your customers should definitely serve a practical purpose. As soon as your customer uses your giveaway on a regular basis in their everyday life, you will definitely stay in their minds.

The advantages of a giveaway on exhibitions

A fair or another event alike is the perfect occasion to acquire customers. Many people visit exhibitions, because they just meet their interests. You are just at the right location now to influence your new potential customers. Studies show that companies that give away practical gifts to their customers will increase their customer’s appreciation. Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • You will reach the right target group
  • Give Aways for exhibitions are sustainable advertising for your enterprise
  • Your customer will benefit from your gift and a positive connection is build
  • You can acquire new customers with the right give away
  • Gifts for your exhibitions are an affordable solution for your promotion

Which give away is the best for your company?

An interesting and efficient version of a promotional article for exhibitions is a USB flash drive in a custom shape, such as our USB flash drive 3D which can be shaped like one of your company’s products. You will receive a miniature version of your product, which is a storage medium at the same time. For example, if you produce printers, your customers will get a small model of your product and they can use it as a practical USB flash drive.

Extraordinary exhibiton promotion items for your company

Are you a company active in the auditory section? Maybe one of our ini speakers would be the perfect giveaway for one of your exhibitions. A company that works with aviation technology, avionics and things alike should choose our micro Quadrocopter with their logo as a gift for fairs. All kinds of companies can choose for example a promotional wireless QI charger that can charge your smartphone with induction.

Giveaways for exhibitions by tobra

A good promotional gift is important for your customer loyalty. If the giveaways they receive on exhibitions are of high value, the customer will automatically trust your company. Tobra can supply you with first class gifts for your exhibition in order to emphasise the quality awareness of your customer. Additionally, a valuable giveaway is a good reason for your customers to recommend your company. The right choice for giveaways is important for your company.

Imprinted exhibition giveaway for your customers

It is important to choose the right print for your promotional item. The processing should be placed subtly on the product but still needs to be put in the right light obviously. Depending on your choice of product, we can use different kinds of printing. If you choose a promotional item made of metal, a laser engraving is a sustainable way to place your logo.

Other imprinting methods make the placement of your logo possible on plastic. A serigraphy ensures a good ink coverage in order to get a deep colour result. The tampography ensure particularly small imprints, for example on SD memory cards. The doming process makes a three-dimensional imprint possible. With a noble print you will leave a good impression on your customers and increase the chance that the customers will remain faithful to your services.

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