Micro Smartphone Charger

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3 - 5 weeks
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Seri- / Tampography (set up)
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The must have for all fans of independence. With the help our Micro Charger, you can charge your devices without a socket or USB port.

More Information
SKU Micro_Smartphone_Charger
Measurements 19 mm x 17 mm x 48 mm
Advertising area 50 x 7 mm
Delivery time 3 - 5 weeks
Standard packaging White cardboard box
Material Plastic, Silicone
Colour black, blue, red
Processing Seri-/ Tampography

Our Micro Smartphone Charger probably is the smallest and handiest way to charge your mobile devices. The best thing about it: You do not always have to think about having your mobile charger charged. The Micro Charger is operated with something every household has available: two simple AA batteries. This makes the small companion particularly helpful when you are not in reach of a socket or laptop with USB port.

No matter if you want to store it in a side pocket of your purse or attach it to your key chain, the Micro Smartphone Charger fits in everywhere. Practical, handy, innovative and processable – the perfect combination for an electronical promotion item.

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