Multi cable Whip

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3 - 5 weeks
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Our multi cable Whip is the perfect article for all those who need to charge different devices at the same time. Including a Micro USB, Lightning and Type C connection.

More Information
SKU Multi-Kabel_Whip
Measurements 126 cm; 17 cm
Advertising area 28 mm x 10 mm
Delivery time 3 - 5 weeks
Standard packaging Polybag
Material Aluminium, Textile
Colour black, rose, silver, golden
Processing Laser engraving, Seri-/ Tampography

Our multi cable Whip is a helpful product in many different situations. No matter if you have a friend over and you need to charge several devices at the same time, or if it is only the socket that’s located too far away from the sofa – the cable Whip stands out due to its very attractive length and three different USB connections. Equipped with a USB A to Lightning, Type C and Micro USB, you can charge almost all current devices.

The fashionable combination of aluminium and fabric jacket give a valuable and noble design to our cable Whip and make it feel comfortable. Additionally, this product is equipped with a quick charge function. Our cable Whip is a real all-rounder in every respect.

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