Imprint promotional power adapters with a logo

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone or even more devices, such as a tablet or GPS. As their batteries need to perform at high levels, they discharge fairly quickly and need to be supplied with energy again. Many people have the appropriate devices with them already so they do not have to go without this smart technology. Stay in your customers minds and present them with a promotional power adapter. 

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Promotional power adapters with USB port

With a promotional travel adapter you will definitely attract the right target group. As almost everybody has a technological device, it is obvious that everybody needs a charger, for example a travel adapter with your logo. In regards of the high levels at which such a device needs to perform, the capacity of the battery is used very quickly. Now, your promotional travel adapter will come into action. Whether you need it for an exhibition as a giveaway or as a gift for your employees, a travel adapter is always useful. All those common small devices can be charged with a travel adapter with logo:

• Smartphones 
• MP3 players 
• Tablets 
• Cameras 
• E-book readers

A promotional travel adapter is very handy, because it will be used very often and it offers an appropriate surface for processing. In this way you will always stay in your customer’s minds. If you decide to purchase a promotional travel adapter in our online shop, you represent your company as high standard, due to the high quality of the adapter. You can also choose to have your travel adapters delivered in a valuable box with hooded lid or in a polybag.

Which voltage is used for which device?

Being USB adapters, our power adapters are the perfect promotional items. Electricity is transferred via a USB wire with corresponding port for the device. The voltage needed depends on the technological device that is supposed to be connected. A smartphone usually needs less than a tablet. Our promotional travel adapters are available with 5 volts output voltage and with up to 12 volts input voltage.

Our duo adapters have two USB ports and are equipped with sufficing voltage to at least charge two small devices at the same time. A small device like a smartphone requires an output of1 ampere, a tablet, however, requires 2.1 ampere. Our promotional travel adapters are compatible with all common smartphones and tablets.

Very handy on the go: Car adapter with USB port

Our USB adapters for the car are the ideal promotional goods for travellers. The car adapter is connected to the smartphone or other technological devices via USB and supplies it with electricity. This power adapter is perfect for customers that use their smartphones also as a GPS. The promotional travel adapter is suited for cars as well as trucks. You can charge two devices at the same time with our duo adapters.

Have your promotional USB adapter imprinted with a logo

The plastic surface of our power adapters offers enough space for your logo. Promotional goods with logo are very innovative and your unique logo is an eye-catcher on the travel adapter. You will impress your customers with the imprint and they will remember you with positive thoughts of your company- thanks to this handy promotional item.

The promotional travel adapters offer a surface of 15 mm x 10 mm up to 30 mm x 32 mm. An imprint on both sides is just as feasible as a unilateral. The imprint is done with serigraphy or dabber printing. Our charger Roco can also be processed with an engraving on its coloured aluminium part.

tobra Shop – your trusted shop for promotional items

Our tobra shop for promotional items offers you everything that is practical and represents the quality and progress your company makes, ranging from giveaways for your customers to electronical gifts for your employees. Here you can find promotional powerbanks or digital photo frames. Our delivery times are ranging from 24 hours to 4 weeks, depending on the imprinting process you choose. You can get the delivery times for each product on the corresponding page of the website. We will be happy to help you with any questions.

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