Promotional QI chargers – Inductive charger as promotional article

Promotional QI chargers are getting increasingly popular as giveaways for your customers in the B2B business. Whoever wants to offer the latest technology, has to take a QI charger – wireless, comfortable and easy. Our inductive chargers for smartphones are an innovative solution to draw attention to your company. 

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QI charger: Table of contents

• QI charger as promotional giveaway 
• QI charger imprinted with a logo 
• QI charger: Promotional item of the latest generation 
• What is a QI charger? 
• How does a QI charger work? 
• Are QI chargers compatible with every smartphone?

QI charger as promotional giveaway

A promotional QI charger is a modern and comfortable wireless charger which will be a good helper for your customers. Here are the advantages of a QI charger at a glance:

• No more annoying wires at the smartphone 
• No wear and tear at the ports of the smartphone 
• Aiming at international standards 
• Device only needs to be put on the charger 
• Interoperability between charger and mobile devices of different manufacturers 
• A QI charger for several mobile devices

For you as a company a wireless charger is the perfect giveaway. With its anti-slide coating the charging of the smartphone or tablet is additionally secured. The high quality design represents the poise of your company. The high charging capacity of the QI charger makes the usage of it attractive for your customers. All QI chargers from tobra are 100 per cent compatible with the QI standards.

QI charger imprinted with a logo

A promotional QI charger offers the perfect advertising area for your logo. The QI charger giveaway is processed individually with your logo. The modern design offers enough space to realise your ideas. The surface material decides which processing option can be used, usually the QI charger is processed with a serigraphy or digital print.

QI charger: Promotional item of the latest generation

The wireless charger is suitable for everyone who has a smartphone or tablet and for those who do not like to handle bothersome wires. A promotional QI charger is the perfect giveaway for a young and modern group of customers. In addition to the optical attraction a QI charger has to offer, it also offers entertainment and a valuable use. Such a wireless solution to charge a mobile device is a real eye-catcher!

Next to our promotional QI chargers you can also find other promotion items in our online shop. Our powerbanks are for example popular products for your customers which make it possible to charge your smartphone with an external battery.

What is a QI charger?

QI – this is Chinese for vital energy. The new QI standard serves to wirelessly charge a smartphone or tablet. It is an inductive charger that easily charges your smartphone or tablet with Qi standard after lying them on the generated inductive field without a wire. The inductive charger serves for a wireless energy transfer through electromagnetic induction. This way, a consistent standard for charging is generated.

How does a QI charger work?

QI standard is a method that transfers energy via electromagnetic induction. This induction is generated between two coils that transfer energy wirelessly. One of the coils is inside the QI inductive device and the other one inside the QI-compatible smartphone or tablet.

It is not important on which position the mobile device is placed on the QI charger. It is only important that the coils can build up a connection. Therefore, a short distance between the two devices is required. Ideally, the smartphone or tablet is directly placed onto the inductive charger.

The QI charger as giveaway has a USB interface and can be connected to a computer, a car charger or a socket. Next step would be to place the mobile device onto the charging pad. The power transferred happens wirelessly and is between 5 and 200 watts. The charging process ideally takes 2-3 hours. A high-quality LED display gives information about the charging status. It shows if the device is already fully charged or if it still is charging.

Are QI chargers compatible with every smartphone?

As long as the smartphone is equipped with a QI standard, it is compatible with QI. The new technology is supposed to make charging wires redundant and therefore is a popular promotional smartphone accessory. It is not important which smartphone is used with Qi charger, as long as both are QI-capable. Every smartphone can be used with every QI charging station.

Smartphones that are already equipped with a QI standard:

• Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 edge/ S6 edge+ 
• Nokia Lumia 1520, Lumia 930, Lumia 920, Lumia 830, Lumia 735 
• Google Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 
• LG G3, Optimus G Pro (E985) 
• Asus PadFone S 
• Kyocera KC-S701 
• YotaPhone 2 
• Medion Life X6001

Many more smartphones and iPhones can be upgraded with this technology and this is very uncomplicated. An inductive charger for mobile phones is a modern solution to offer your customers an elegant electronical promotion item. The QI technology is also available tablets, such as the Asus Nexus 7.

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