RFID Blocking Card

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Protect your sensitive data and make your customers feel save with the RFID blocking card available in two different versions, that ensure the security needed.

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SKU RFID_Blocker_Karte
Measurements 85 mm x 54 mm x 1 mm
Advertising area 85 mm x 54 mm
Delivery time 7 business days (24h service possible)
Standard packaging Polybag
Material Plastic
Colour white
Processing Digital print, Gloss / 3D print, Individual names

You are always on the safe side with the RFID blocking cards from tobra.

In todays digitalized world more and more cards are equipped with a contactless NFC function. This indeed simplifies the payment via debit or credit card, but at the same time makes it easier for thieves to get your sensitive data. With the help of freely available RFID scanners they can readout your data while passing – or from distances further away – and use it from criminal purposes. This is called “skimming”.

Such insecurities are finally over with our RFID blocking cards. You have two possibilities depending on how you want to protect your data. The basic protection card is placed above the card to be protected and both are placed inside your wallet. This way is your card safely protected. The premium version sends out an interrupting signal which protects almost your entire wallet. This way you are definitely on

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