USB adapter Plug

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3 - 5 weeks
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Our practical USB adapter Plug charges your smartphone or tablet at a wall socket. Very beneficial on journeys.

More Information
SKU USB_Netzstecker_Plug
Measurements 36 mm x 20 mm x 68 mm
Advertising area 24 mm x 24 mm
Delivery time 3 - 5 weeks
Standard packaging White cardboard box
Material Plastic
Colour black, white
Processing Laser engraving, Digital print, Seri-/ Tampography

Our USB power adapter Plug serves as a charging station with which you can easily charge all your devices without tangled wires. You can use it wherever you like – may it be at home or the office.

No matter if you want to charge smartphones, tablets, powerbanks, e-book readers or GPS systems - our power adapter Plug works with all devices that can be charged at a USB outlet.

This item is particularly helpful on journeys, when you want to charge your devices without a computer or laptop nearby.

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