USB flash drive Pipe

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3 - 5 weeks
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512 MB
1 GB
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4 GB
8 GB
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32 GB
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Laser engraving (set up)
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Seri- / Tampography (set up)
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Phone strap
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Metal box (small)
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Gift bag (black)
Pillow box large (transparent)
Zip bag
Cardboard box (simple)

Our aluminium storage Pipe is particularly stout and perfect for your keychain. It is processed with a laser engraving. 

More Information
SKU USB_Stick_Pipe
Measurements 64 mm x 17 mm
Advertising area 22 mm x 10 mm
Delivery time 3 - 5 weeks
Standard packaging Polybag
Material Aluminium, Metal
Capacity 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB
Colour black, blue, red, orange, silver
Processing Laser engraving, Seri-/ Tampography, Individual names

Our aluminium USB flash drive Pipe is made of a stout case and a stable thread for closing. This promotional item with logo is processed with a scratch-resistant engraving or an imprint.

The case of this flash drive is cylindrical and radiused at both ends. This makes the case very resistive. The interface can be pulled out after rotating the cap. When the flash drive is not in use, it gets stability from a rubber ring. 

The cap features a stout keyring with integrated carabiner which makes it possible to attach different accessories.

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