USB flash drives made of wood

USB flash drives made of wood – A real eye-catcher in material and design! We have those flash drives made of wood available from classic to creative in lots of different variations. 

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USB flash drive wood

Tobra’s USB flash drives made of wood are available in different variations. From a classic flash drive with metal swivel case through to a cork flash drive, here you can find different possibilities to design your own creative promotion item with logo.

USB flash drive wood in different variations

Our USB flash drive wood Swing is a combination of an elegant wooden case with an integrated USB flash drive with a noble, swivel case made of metal. With a small eyelet in the swivel case the USB flash drive can be attached to a key ring. Comparably plain and noble is our USB flash wood Bar. This one has a USB flash drive embedded in the wood and a fitting lid made of the same material. The lid protects the interface of the storage unit.

The wooden USB flash drive Barrel is a particularly creative promotion item in our tobra product range. The wooden body has the shape of a barrel and is available in different kinds of wood. The small barrel is limited at the top and the end with aluminium sheets. The storage unit is integrated in one of those plates and can easily be pulled out.

Our USB flash drive Jar is a special eye-catcher. The small glass jar is sealed with a cork in which the flash drive is embedded. The interface is protected by the glass. Our USB flash drive Cork looks just like a wine bottle. The storage unit is directly embedded in the bottle cap. If you pull the cork, its practical interiority comes up.

USB flash drives made of wood: Processing options for a high promotional effect

Depending on the version you choose, your company’s logo can be imprinted or engraved on the metal swivel cases or sheets, the glass or directly on the wood. Usually, an engraving is more durable and makes the fashionable promotion item look even nobler.

FSC- wood USB flash drives: eco-friendly and certified

The wood of our USB flash drives is certified with an FSC seal and comes from responsibly managed forests. Depending on the customer’s wish, we can use different kinds of woods for those flash drives.

If you wish for a special procession option for your flash drives, just take a look at our USB flash drives with engraving. You will find something for sure.

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