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Webcam Cover

Protect privacy and get high-reach advertising media with webcam covers or webcam stickers of tobra.

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Webcam Cover - Protective helper for (digital) privacyPhone camera cover

 Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat and many more - every day we use a variety of different applications that access the front camera from smartphone, tablet or laptop to connect with our fellow human beings. These applications are not just for leisure, but video chat programs like Skype are already an integral part of business exchanges. As an essential communication medium for videoconferencing, the use of integrated webcams has long been used in business dealings. Whether it's an informal chat with friends via video chat, taking a cool selfie or the video conference of an important business meeting, the camera function of laptop, smartphone or tablet is an essential part of our everyday lives. However, with all the advantages, front cameras on electronic devices are always dangerous. In this context, unauthorized access from the outside to the webcam is one of the most unpleasant conception because nobody wants to be observed and recorded unnoticed.

The manipulation of the front camera happens quickly and unseen: Often it is enough to carelessly click on an unknown link or hastily open the attachment of an email, and a Trojan has already entered the system. In this way, the lens can be unobtrusively remotely controlled and so misused, without the person in front of the webcam being aware that he is spied right at that moment. Not infrequently, the goal behind this is to disseminate the unlawfully received image online or to use it as a means of pressure against the person concerned and even blackmail him or her. Too careless handling of the integrated front camera can therefore have dangerous consequences for all the advantages that may come with the webcam function.

Camera blocker: protection against unwanted views

In order to prevent the unwanted insight from the outside into your privacy, we use covers such as blinds and curtains on windows in everyday life. But why don’t we protect our privacy in virtual space? Because many users are not aware of the negative consequences of too careless use of their front and webcams. Hardly anyone suspects an uninvited observer behind the integrated lens, who has gained access to the camera through manipulation. Malware allows the webcam to be put into operation quickly and unnoticed and is thus able to record every event in front of the camera. And who thinks the danger would be banned by deactivating the webcam function, is wrong, because the hacker can easily reactivate the front camera with the help of malware. Hence, many people feel queasy when they look into the lens of their webcam.

But you don’t have to accept this blatant intrusion into your privacy because the solution is as simple as it is ingenious: just put a stop to the unwanted insights with webcam covers by tobra. With its sliding mechanism, the cover can be easily moved back and forth on the guide rail and so, the field of view of the camera lens can be easily hidden if wanted. Attaching it to a laptop, tablet or smartphone is child's play: With the adhesive surface on the back, the webcam cover is precisely aligned with the front camera and fixed permanently. In this way, the webcam cover guarantees a clever and durable solution against unwelcome insights on the front camera.

This is exactly what differentiates this smart protective gadget from the sticky notes, post-its and all the other utensils that are often used to cover the camera lens. Because these are only provisional makeshift solutions that are not only unsightly on the respective device, but also very impractical in everyday life. Thus, whenever the front camera is in use, you have to fold away the makeshift occlusion every time to release the camera lens. This is not only very cumbersome, but also a pretty annoying matter in the long run, because often ugly residues remain on the lens or the screen frame. As a more elegant alternative, tobra offers specially made webcam covers that ideally shield the front lens of a laptop, tablet and smartphone from outside eyes.

Webcam sticker: Small giveaway with great effect

With these little helpers, you decide for yourself when your front camera has a clear view and when it disappears behind the cover. So, you have it in your own hands to ensure security for video chats and you can easily shield yourself and your family from intrusive glances. Thanks to the practical sliding mechanism, a short finger movement is enough to protect your privacy.

Webcam covers have a wide range as promotional items, because the target group of security-conscious owners is immense and promises a correspondingly great interest in this particular article.

 The webcam stickers can be attached on different devices:

  • As a mobile phone camera cover or smartphone camera cover
    • In particular as iPhone camera cover
  • As a camera cover for the laptop or as a camera sticker for external devices on the PC / laptop
  • As a webcam cover on tablets
    • In particular as iPad camera cover

 With the attachment of the webcam cover above the screen area of laptop, smartphone and tablet, your advertising always remains in the customer's field of vision and is thus always present. Be sure to get the full attention of your customers and place your advertising so strikingly that your subject jumps directly into the eye. The webcam cover is thus an effective medium not despite, but because of its small format that promotes you and your company in an eye-catching way. Thanks to the positioning in the immediate field of vision of your customers, you profit from a powerful advertising effect with this small gadget. As a helper for everyday life, the webcam cover daily accompanies your customers on laptop, smartphone & Co. In this way, your advertising attachment finds its way into the awareness of your customers with every look and remains permanently in the memory.

With the help of webcam covers you leave a lasting impression not only by the attention-grabbing position. In addition, security plays an important role. With webcam covers, you can make your advertising relevant by addressing the security awareness of your customers. Signal your customers that their security is important to you and present a small but ingenious solution with the webcam cover to protect the digital privacy of your customers.

Front camera cover as advertising material - individual design of your promotional message


The great strength of webcam covers lies in their small dimensions because with their small circumference, these practical gadgets just always fit. Whether smartphone, 

tablet or laptop, with tobra you will find the right webcam cover for every device. Adapted to the respective front camera, webcam covers are available in several formats and materials. You can choose between plastic and metal versions, which can be customised according to customer requirements. Depending on the material, the finishing option is either a printing process or a laser engraving to perfectly present the desired motif. Finished with full-surface printing or filigree engraving, you can be sure of the positive appearance of the webcam cover. This is further increased by the application on carrier cards, because even the carrier cards can be completely designed according to your ideas. Through the interplay between the webcam cover and the carrier card, the product gains a high degree of individual design possibilities and a great deal of optical advertising power.

Clever Advertise with webcam covers by tobra:

  • thin convertible top element with sliding mechanism
  • effective protection of digital privacy
  • Choice between plastic or metal products
  • Refinable by colorful print or noble engraving
  • available in many format sizes
  • Compatibility with virtually all mobile devices, laptops and notebooks
  • Attachment on individually designable carrier card
  • smart give-aways with a big advertising effect

 With the webcam covers or webcam stickers you get true eye-catchers, which unfold a huge advertising impact by their omnipresence in the field of view of your customers. Particularly effective is the security dimension, which your advertising measures will gain through the product and which, thanks to the practical benefits, will be transferred to your company. Set an example for a conscious use on the net and benefit from the good sense of security you bring to your customers with the help of webcam covers. So, you find your place in the awareness of your customers and leave a lasting impression with your external presentation. Get this attractive advertising potential from webcam covers by tobra!

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