Wireless Qi charger Dot

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Our wireless charger Dot makes a charging without a cable possible: you just have to place your QI-capable smartphone onto the charging station and the battery will be charged without a wire.

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SKU Wireless_Qi_Charger_Dot
Measurements 69 mm x 9 mm
Advertising area Ø 48 mm
Delivery time 7 business days (24h service possible)
Standard packaging White cardboard box
Delivery contents Micro USB cable, instruction
Input 5V / 1.5A
Output 5V / 1A
Material Plastic
Colour white
Processing Digital print, Gloss / 3D print, Individual names

Our wireless charger Dot is a QI charger for modern smartphones, tablets and laptops. Wireless charging with our product Dot is much more comfortable than the common charging with cables.

You will only have to place the smartphone onto the charging station. This has two advantages: it saves the USB outlet of your smartphone and it also leads to a steady charging that is spread over the day. On average you will have a higher battery charge throughout the day.

Usually your battery runs low when you really need your smartphone. With our wireless Charger Dot your batteries will always be charged.

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