Flat powerbank

Appealing and practical charger

Due to their flat structure, our powerbanks are very compact and can offer large capacities in a compressed format as those bundles of energy are equipped with more power than you would assume at the first glance. Furthermore, our flat powerbanks also know how to attract customers visually. Elegant shaping meets a simple design without needless accessories. And just as attracting they are for the eye, they hold nicely in every hand, because their soft edges make them particularly handy and comfortable in the everyday use.

Subtle and space-saving

Thanks to our flat powerbanks, you can just forget all your worries about low batteries.
With their space-saving sizes, those small power stations are always the right choice. In addition to storing them in purses or pants pockets, the flat casing of the powerbanks is perfectly suited for placing them in shirt or jacket pockets. This way they can also serve as an inconspicuous helper for special occasions. Thanks to their thinness, the flat powerbanks usually fit next to your smartphone, which makes it possible to store both of them in the pocket and offers the opportunity for the whole charging unit to only take up a relatively small amount of space.

Large advertising area

Our flat powerbanks offer a lot of space for your logo! Even if they are built to be space-saving, they still offer a lot of free surface to be processed with your brand. Depending on the product, our flat powerbanks offer a variety of processing options: Laser engraving, seri- or tampography or a digital imprint, tobra assures that your logo is shown to its full advantages. Order individually processes flat powerbanks in our shop and always get the full attention of your customers when the product is in use.