Metal powerbanks

Powerbank engraving ideal for metallic surfaces

Choose from a broad diversity of powerbanks with metallic surface, which are not only appealing optically and haptically, but also provide the perfect basis for a laser processing due to their metal-coated casing. This laser engraving features high edge definition and longevity. Hence, an engraved powerbank is a great advertising gift for your customers, which is promotes your company both practically and aesthetically.

Powerbanks made of metal: Solid and handy casing

Our powerbanks with engraving are characterised by a metal coating that encases the mobile chargers. Besides the protective function of the metallic casing for the integrated battery, which makes the engraved powerbank particularly durable and hard-wearing, the material processing also opens up for various ways of providing a powerbank with an engraving. Thanks to its large size the engraved powerbank is particularly well suited for your promotional purposes, because it offers a more extensive advertising space than an USB flash drive metal, for example.

In this way, even complex and filigree layouts can be perceptibly depicted in full detail without single components of your logo slipping your customer’s attention. Consequently, a powerbank with engraving creates new opportunities for transporting your advertising message by providing a lot of space for your engraved logo. Therefore, your advertising takes full effect and accordingly will long be remembered by your customers. The attractive casing of our powerbank aluminium and other metallic powerbanks allows for compact handling, because the engraved powerbanks lie firmly in the hand and provides for pleasing haptics due to its higher mass. Thanks to the metal design of the casing, which consists almost exclusively of aluminium, the powerbanks with engraving are very durable and hard-wearing. In this way, the powerbanks will remain intact for a long time to come and can promote your company continuously and reliably.

Powerbank engraving: high-value processing via laser

Besides the interaction of appealing haptics and compact shaping our engravable powerbanks are particularly distinguished by its metallic casing that can be individually personalised with a high-performance laser. Having an engraved powerbank, you can be positive about aesthetically presenting your promotional message. On the basis of the metallic casing our powerbanks radiate exceptionally high quality, which you can capitalise on by attaching your advertising motive, such as your company’s logo.In this regard, a laser engraving is the optimal procedure for surface design. In this computer-controlled process, the laser removes finest particles of the metallic material and supplies your powerbank with a permanent engraving, which is particularly long-living due to its scratch resistance. By means of these slight changes in the material, your advertising on the powerbank maintains a permanent representation of your company, promoting it enduringly and quality consistent.

The special feature of a powerbank with engraving – your advantages:

  • robust and long-life promotional item
  • large advertising space for perfectly drawing attention to your motive
  • pin sharp laser engraving for a differentiated depiction of your logo
  • smudge-, scratch- and waterproof promotional labelling for continuous marketing
  • convenient haptics due to metallic casing
  • enormous edge definition and precision via laser inscription

Metal powerbanks with optional additional features

You have the choice out of several models of our powerbanks with engraving impress not only with high-quality execution and processing, but also with a range of wide range of functional possibilities. For example, you will find powerbanks with LED display and charge indicator that inform you about the battery level on a percentage basis.

Or why not make everyday life easier for your customer with a hand warmer powerbank that spend warmth and cosiness. A gadget which has energy in store for the empty battery of a smartphone and simultaneously protects the fingers from freezing temperatures can hardly be surpassed in terms of practical use, especially in the cold season. This specific powerbank model with engraving offers a genuine added value for your customers. Thanks to the prominent placement of your company logo on the broad advertising space you will long remain in positive memory.

Powerbank with engraving transports your significant promotional message

Order tobra powerbanks made of aluminium or other metallic materials and let these promotional items with your logo serve as an engraved sign for your company. Take advantage of the special external impact of a laser engraving on the metallic surface as a visual mouthpiece that promotes your individual message. By relying on powerbanks with engraving you arrange your public relations work in a substantial and expressive way. Use the metallic casing of the mobile chargers as a promotional platform for effectively supporting your marketing activities and substantiate the relevance of your promotional message with a high-quality engraved powerbank.

The sales-promotional effect of these mobile charging gadgets emerges from the combination of the practical use and the promotional potential that arises from the interaction of metallic casing and laser engraving. Perpetuate your company with a long-life and high-quality engraving and make your powerbank a special promotional item. In this way, you will provide that certain something for your public relations and at the same time you’ll also give a personal character to your advertising media – through an engraved powerbank by tobra.