Mini USB flash drives

Small and handy. Our Mini USB flash drives are available in different shapes and colours. No matter if they are made of metal or plastic. We also have different processing options for our Mini USB flash drives.

Mini USB flash drives – Small size, lots of storage space

Our Mini USB flash drives are particularly popular. Those miniature memory units are available in different styles and offer lots of storage space, despite their small size. USB flash drives in mini format can be stored away in your pants pocket or wallet. This way you have it available in every situation. All of these promotional USB flash drives can be processed individually with laser engraving or an imprint.

USB flash drive Mini: Small flash drive with great promotional effect

The Mini USB flash drives are available in lots of different shapes and colours. Some versions, such as the Mini Twister or the Micro Twist have a practical metal or plastic swivel cap that protects the USB interface. Other versions, like our Mini USB flash drive Skid, support a slide mechanism with which the interface can be pushed in and out.

Our Mini USB flash drive Tiny is particularly compact. This promotional item only weighs 2.75 grams. Despite its very compressed size, it has a small eyelet. In this way, it can easily be attached to a lanyard for phones.

Our Mini USB flash drive Glassy is also uniquely innovative. It is sheer and imprinted on the inside. A white protective varnish seals the imprinted area. This way, your imprint is particularly well protected and scratch-resistant. Additionally, the USB flash drive Glassy has a runner that prevents the user from sticking it in the wrong way. Thanks to its large eyelet at its back end, the fashionably flash drive can easily be attached to your key chain.

Embellish Mini USB flash drives with a noble engraving

All of our USB flash drives in mini-format can be processed with an individual company brand. Despite their small size, they offer enough space for an imprint. As an alternative, you can also have your brand engraved. This is particularly recommendable as the engravings are absolutely scratch-resistant and look very noble. Some of our promotional goods with logo can even be ordered via express delivery.

Do you please a high-quality processing option? How about one of our USB flash drives with engraving?