Plastic powerbank

Plastic Powerbanks: Light powerbank box

Variety of colours and shapes – you have the choice between several models of our plastic powerbanks. They impress with a high level of versatility and functionality.

Due to their light fabrication the mobile chargers serve as an ideal companion for everyday use and supply energy to your smartphone or the mobile devices everywhere. Thanks to our plastic powerbanks your customer will always have a light battery handy in his pocket or her handbag – upgraded by your advertising presence!

Solar operation and flashlight function possible

Many plastic powerbanks by tobra have an extended functionality. For example, some powerbanks with plastic casing run solar-powered and are therefore ideally suited for extended outdoor activities. And in case the sun is not willing to shine, why not shine yourself? Some of our plastic powerbanks hold ready an integrated flashlight for you to bring light into the darkness.

Many colours and shapes available

The broad spectrum of colours, ranging from gaudy yellow to fiery red to lush green or radiant blue, open up various possibilities for designing your powerbank. Draw on a large colour spectrum and choose your favourite colour for optimally making your logo stand out on the casing. Besides the great choice of colours, we also offer a broad range of shapes for your plastic powerbank:

  • square
  • rounded
  • curved
  • individual design for the casing

With tobra, you will definitely find the design which exactly meets your preferences. Moreover, an individual design of the casing is no obstacle – we design and create a powerbank according to your preferences in the form of a three-dimensional implementation. Realizing a mobile charger in your own design enables you to offer your customer an unique and distinctive advertising gift that will stick in memory.

Diverse print layouts

For all variants of plastic powerbanks, we provide the appropriate processing technique with the right printing method. Regardless of whether you want a single or multi-coloured seri- /tampography for uneven surfaces or digital print for photorealistic illustration of complex colour gradations, nearly every printing design is possible with plastic powerbanks.

Take advantage of the diverse possibilities of processing with print and profit from the positive long-term effect of your logo. Printed on a plastic powerbank your customers will always take your logo with them.