Powerbanks Express

Powerbank via express: Short-dated delivery

Sometimes, you simply have to act quickly. Delivering your powerbanks on short notice is no problem thanks to our express service. For a selection of our mobile chargers we offer you the possibility to already have your products in your hands after one or two days.

Express dispatch: Immediate implementation of your order

tobra has selected powerbanks available from stock for you and will produce your order within a short period of time. We process your inquiries about powerbank express instantly: With 24h express, your products set out to you on the very same day, with 48h express, your order is dispatched on the following day. In order to realise this special express service, we need your approval by 12.00 noon.

Express Powerbank: Order quantity possible from 5 pieces

With in-house machines for processing by engraving or print, we can promptly put your individual wishes into operation – already from an order amount of 5 pieces. Hence, you will receive your powerbanks in a very short time. This enables you to respond quickly and easily to short spontaneous occasions for a promotional gift – such as a hastily called appointment with customers or a near-term event.

Various packaging options

Besides the processing of your desired product according to your wishes, you can also choose between a variety of packaging options. These do not only protectively cover the goods, but also visually enhance the external effect of your product. Why not express your appreciation for the recipient with individually adapted packings, because the express service does not exclude an appealing packaging. Owing to our in-house configuration. that allows for a precise tailoring of the foam used in boxes with hooded lid, the packaging inlay can be specially adapted to the shape of the powerbank.

Powerbank: Express service according to your wishes

High-quality mobile chargers, processed and customised with your desired motive and finished according to your preferences. That’s what we realise for you within a very short period of time. Order your express powerbanks until 12.00 noon and get your products already on the following day!