Seedbomb Set - Flower ball "Bee meadow" Set of 2

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Article number 1281488-02
Our seed balls are the perfect advertising item, due to their individually imprinted packaging. This sustainable packaging can be imprinted with a logo from small amounts upwards. You can do something important for the flora and fauna of the meadows, because these balls are perfect to attract bees, wild bees and butterflies. The perennial blooming mix of our flower balls is perfect to let plants grow that are rich in pollen and nectar and consists of mainly domestic seed varieties. The sowing should be made between April and September and the blossoming takes place between April and November and grows colourful blossoms that can reach up to 30 – 150 cm. Depending on the time of blossoming, you can create a diverse and colourful flower image that will not only make our bees, but also all environment lovers happy. The seeding contains more than 20 different kinds of seeds, i.e. cornflowers, mallows, corn poppies, red clovers, Lucerne grasses, dill and cock’s head. Give your customers and the environment a treat, with our seed bombs. Sow it, tramp it down slightly and enjoy the picture.
Soil, Clay powder, Seeds
30 g
35 g
5 Tage
Creative packaging (inclusive)
28 mm
28 mm
28 mm