USB flash drives made of metal

We recommend a scratch-resistant engraving for our metal USB flash drives. They are either made of aluminium or stainless steel.

USB flash drive made of metal with an individual company logo

Our metal USB flash drives are usually made of stainless steel or aluminium. You can just choose your desired product from our vast choice of variations. They can all be processed with an individual logo or motive. No matter if you prefer a classic flash drive with a metal swivel cap or a playful USB key – you will definitely find the perfect promotion item for your customer.

USB flash drives made from metal in different shapes and colours

The metal USB flash drives are available in different shapes, colours and materials. The USB flash drive Swing is a combination of a body made of plastic and a swivel cap made of aluminium with both available in the colours of your choice. The high-quality swivel cap is made of anodized aluminium and protects the USB interface. Some of our other models also combine this fashionable swivel cap and a colourful plastic body that surrounds the flash drive.

Our USB flash drive Save is particularly practical. If you turn the swivel cap, the USB interface is slowly pushed out of the case. If the cap is closed, the flash drive and the interface are in the inside of the case, protecting them twice as good.

If you present your customers with a gold bar that has your logo engraved, they will be absolutely amazed. This golden USB flash drive made of metal has a particularly nice surface feel. The USB interface can be pushed out when needed with a slider that is located at the bottom side.

Other models integrate the storage unit in a miniature can or a cartridge for weapons. Particularly popular is our USB Key. It is very flat from its head to the interface area at the bottom end of the key, so you can always have it with you. Thanks to an eyelet it can be attached to your key chain.

Metal USB flash drive with engraving or imprint

You can have your promotional items with logo imprinted or engraved. An engraving looks very noble and is absolutely scratch-resistant. Depending on the version you choose, the flash drives have different sizes of processing areas. Some of the metal flash drives with engraving can be delivered with our Express service.

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