USB flash drive OTG

Update yourself with the newest technological information with our USB flash drive type C. According to your desires you can obtain this storage unit of the new generation.

USB 3.1 – even smaller and more practical

How is the new 3.1 flash drive different to the 2.0 and 3.0 versions? In comparison to the common flash drives, the 3.1 surprises with an even faster data transfer rate and lots of storage space. This makes it the perfect companion in your office – also because of its size. Being small and handy, he can easily be attached to your key chain or carried in your wallet or pants pocket without any bother.

Type C as a giveaway

Enrich your customers or employees with a practical gift like the USB type C 3.1 from tobra. We have it available among many other interesting and fancy promotion goods and USB storage units. Present your fellows with a giveaway that has a real high value and they’ll keep you with positive thoughts in their minds.

Individual processing for the USB flash drive 3.1 C

Embellish your flash drives with an individual imprint or an engraving of your brand logo or company name. Despite its compactness, the USB 3.1 offers a lot of advertising space for an embellishment according to your personal wishes. We will be happy to meet your wishes regarding the shapes and colours and you can also choose between different colour variations of the flash drive itself.

Simply order your USB flash drive type C and have it delivered

We will be happy to help you with the decision of finding the perfect processing option. After you chose the quantity, colour and capacity of your type C flash drive, you can just send us a request without engagement and we will contact you. If you need your goods as soon as possible, we can offer you our express service for many products. On request we can produce and deliver the articles within 24 hours.

Be on the safe side with our USB flash drive 3.1 type C

You are always on the safe side when you choose one of our USB flash drives with engraving as a giveaway. Our high-quality products that can be personalized according to your wishes always convince - during the customer acquisition or as a thank you to your employees. The recipient does not necessarily have to be an office employee or a technology fan, nowadays everybody uses storage units. Our flash drive 3.1 convinces especially with its easy handling and future-oriented technology.