USB flash drives express

Quick solutions for occasions on short notice

A company event or a meeting with a customer has been scheduled on short notice and you need the right giveaway right away? With USB flash drives from tobra – individualized with an imprint or engraving – you will not have nothing to show. Even if time presses, you will not be in a hurry thanks to our express service.

Advertising chances with USB flash drives

USB flash drives are perfectly suited to serve as giveaways due to their functionality, small sizes and suitability for the daily use. As a mobile storage they offer your customers the opportunity to always carry around important data which makes them essential part of the digitalized world. No matter if you have relevant company documents or personal memories such as photo or video files, USB flash drives are electronical data storages that transport and back-up sensitive data and can always be carried around due to their small size. The everyday use with these portable storages offers the potential to place your logo in the life of your customer and transport your message unobtrusively but meaningful.

Immediate realization of your order

Our vast product range of USB flash drives that are available from stock and modern printing machines and lasers to process your logo ensure the immediate realization of your order.
This way we can process your order within 24 or 48 hours, as long as your approval is given until 12 pm. No matter if you require a quantity of only five pieces or more than 100, you will not have to wait more than one or two days for your order. This way you can easily manage your time on your own. We can also look after the further conditioning of the USB flash drives express. Select from a great choice of accessory and packaging options that are convenient and visually attracting at the same time. This way our express products offer a real added value for you and your customers.

Optional data transfer

In addition to our product range we can also offer the transfer of your data onto the desired flash drives. Even if you order the articles in our express service the transfer does not pose a problem in order to enable you to present your customers with a processed USB flash drive with your important information included. Just provide the data to be transferred and we will load it onto the memory sticks. This way the processed USB flash drives can immediately be used for your advertising goal.

Reliable express service from tobra

Just rely on the express service from tobra. We process your express USB flash drives immediately and guarantee a processing and delivery to your desired address by the quickest option possible.