USB flash drives made of leather

We recommend an embossing as a processing for our leather flash drives. The leather USB flash drive is processed in a high quality and provides enough protection from exogenous influences.  

USB flash drive leather: Imprinted, embossed or engraved.

Our leather USB flash drives are fashionable, of high quality and provide a robust protection. Those flash drives are personalized and processed with an embossing. The embossing fits into the overall look of the leather USB flash drives and is very durable. As an alternative to the embossing, the leather USB flash drives can be processed with an imprint or an engraving. The leather items are available in different variations.

Leather USB flash drives – Diverse selection

The storage of our USB flash drive Classy is embedded in two leather elements that are sewn up laterally. On its back part the USB flash drive Classy has a moveable eyelet to which a lanyard or a key chain can be attached. This flash drive made from leather is surrounded and protected by a leather strap.

Our USB flash drive Carabiner can easily be attached to a key chain, to straps, belt loops or lanyards. Embedded in the leather you can find the USB interface that can be swung out easily. Our USB flash drive Loop has a practical magnetic clasp. The leather strap surrounds the entire interface. The integrated magnet makes an easy opening and closing of the leather strap possible. The leather elements of our USB flash drive Elegance are surrounded by a circling metal rail. Elegance can be attached to a key chain or lanyard due to its eyelet located at the edge area of the flash drive. A leather strap protects this high-quality interface at the front part.

Leather USB flash drives – Embossing, imprint or engraving

We have numerous processing options available for our USB flash drives made of leather. They can be either embossed or imprinted. The corresponding leather area (front and back) offers enough space for an embossing or imprint. The metal body can be processed with an engraving. In addition to our USB flash drives with logo we have a lot more promotion items with a company logo that can be processed depending on the individual desires. If you wish for a special procession option for your flash drives, just take a look at our USB flash drives with engraving.