Wood powerbank

Wood powerbanks: expression of environmentally responsible behavior

The development toward more responsibility for the environment and the analysis of the own ecological footprint become more and more important as a significant part for a company’s corporate identity. In the interests of a positive public perception, commitment for environment-friendly economic activity has high relevance. For this purpose, tobra provides wooden powerbanks to set a meaningful example by showing your appreciation for the environment and passing it on to your customers in the form of a promotional item.

Manufactured of sustainable resources

Convey the “green thought” of sustainability to your customers and prove that technology and nature can in fact go together. With the mobile chargers and their casing made of wood you send a powerful signal for a responsible interaction with nature and emphasise your profile as a green-minded company.

Strengthen your company’s green profile

In this way, by choosing a wood powerbank you take definite position for prospectively and considerately dealing with natural resources. Consequently, you make an active contribution to the green appearance of your company in public space.

Wood powerbank: a stylish natural product

Combining hightech and ecological convictions is indeed possible, because although the promotional item wooden powerbank is a natural product, it is also ideally suitable as the basis for your logo.

You can choose from multiple kinds of wood:

• bamboo
• maple
• cherry
• walnut

Make use of the aesthetics of this natural material for your advertising purposes. Choosing a natural wood powerbank by tobra, you automatically communicate your self-commitment to ecological awareness. Consequently, the statement of being a sustainable company will always find expression in your promotional message